About ADD Associés

ADD Associés specializes in heir searches, representing heirs in estate settlements, and in certifying lists of the entitled beneficiaries. We are mainly tasked by estate and related professionals (notaries, court-appointed administrators, lawyers, estate managers, building associations, municipal authorities, life insurance companies, financial organizations, etc.) to handle complex estates.

ADD Associés Group, the gold standard in probate genealogy 

Founded in Paris in 1990 with the aim of driving the probate genealogy market forward by investing heavily in human resources, international expansion, legal expertise, and new technologies, the ADD Associés Group is now one of the world’s leading players in the field. 

  • Offices in Germany, Spain, Poland, Morocco, and Vietnam 
  • A full-service international team that can conduct research and find beneficiaries around the world in extremely tight timeframes.  

We continue to embody the new generation of this field and do everything in our power to help our estate professionals to get some of the most reliable and fast results on the market, and to help heirs we find internationally defend their rights. 

ADD Associés Group Management Team

What drives us 

For us, searching for an heir is much more than a question of inheritance. It’s also a question of law, fairness, and takes into account the human dimension and draws on our understanding of the multitude of transformations society is undergoing. 

This is why we’ll take on any case, regardless of the amount of assets or the difficulties involved in our genealogical research. 

We’re ready to go the extra distance to find an heir and defend his or her rights. Because every time ADD Associés teams find an heir, a page of family history is rewritten, and a missing relative can reclaim his or her place in it. 

The history of ADD Associés

  • 1990


    Christophe Aubrun, Denis Delcros and Antoine Delabre launch the Etude Généalogique Aubrun Delcros Delabre (ADD) in Paris.

  • 1995


    Véronique Cantegrel becomes a partner joining the three original founders. That same year, Didier Pierson opens the Rouen office, the first Norman base of operations for Cabinet Pierson, of which he is Managing Partner.

  • 1996


    Laurent Martino opens the Nice office and becomes Managing Partner of the ADD MARTINO subsidiary in Southeastern France.

  • 1998


    Antoine Djikpa joins the ADD Associés Research Team. He is currently Group General Manager and Partner.

  • 2008


    Jérôme Bernard joins the ADD Associés Group as Managing Partner of the subsidiary Cabinet Pierson & Associés in Western France. ADD Associés’ receives its first ISO 9001certification. First ISO 9001 certification for ADD Associés.

  • 2010


    The Bayonne office opens, and is headed by Pierre Coyola, Managing Partner of the ADD Coyola subsidiary.

  • 2014


    Renaud Lacombe opens and manages the ADD Lacombe subsidiary, of which he was Managing Partner in Bordeaux. Jorel Auger and Albane de Lorgeril succeed him in 2021.

  • 2016


    Launch of ADD Data, our continuously updated genealogical database with more than 500 million indexed records.

  • 2019


    Launch of Tableau Généalogique Dématérialisé (TGD – a digital genealogical chart), an innovative software solution designed by ADD Associés.

  • 2022


    ADD Holstein subsidiary opens in Berlin and Cologne, Germany, managed by Jan-Mathis Holstein.

  • 2023


    Launch of ADD Connect, the personalized space for estate professionals that allows them to monitor in real-time the cases they assign to ADD Associés.

ADD Associés, experts who know how to listen 

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