I have been contacted by ADD Associés

It's no accident!
In compliance with Article 36 of the Law of June 23, 2006, reforming French inheritance laws, our firm is responsible for finding missing heirs or verifying the list of entitled beneficiaries. This is why one of our staff may contact you:
either to confirm information about the family they are investigating, and cross-check the sources they have consulted such as marital status, population archives, tax, military and electoral records, etc.
Or to offer you disclosure or documentation on your rights in an estate after signing a contract.

This contract, the content of which is tailored to each specific case, commits the ADD Associés Group to disclosing your rights and to guiding you through the estate settlement process.

Find the genealogist who contacted you

    Why did a genealogist contact you, and not a notary? 

    When notaries only know some of the heirs, or when the list of entitled beneficiaries seems uncertain, notaries commission us to conduct genealogical research, which can sometimes be complicated.   

    The genealogist’s involvement ensures that the notarized document is legally valid.  Our genealogy firm has special access to marriage records, a proprietary digital genealogical database of over 500 million records, and extensive expertise in heir tracing

    You’ve received a disclosure of inheritance rights contract, what is it? 

    The disclosure of inheritance rights contract sets the terms of an agreement between the future heir and ADD Associés. More specifically, the disclosure of inheritance rights contract sets out the terms and conditions of our fees.   

    Once the disclosure of inheritance rights contract is signed, we undertake to assert your rights in connection with your estate. 

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    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions following a request from our teams!