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After two years of training in Paris in the Research department, in 1997 the ADD Associés partners offered me the opportunity to expand the company’s presence in Auvergne.
Originally from Clermont-Ferrand, I was pleased to open one of our first regional offices.
Backed by a dedicated research team and two experienced associates, we are now, more than ever, pursuing our development in the service of local notaries and the many industry professionals who call on our services.


Office address
20, boulevard Desaix
+33 (0)4 73 35 51 56
Contact the office
  • Francois Xavier ECHEL ADD ASSOCIES

    François-Xavier ECHEL Regional Manager

3 departments in France covered

  • Puy-de-Dôme
  • Allier
  • Haute-Loire

Our expertise in probate genealogy

Probate genealogists are the preferred contacts of notaries, who mainly commission them in matters concerning heirship to verify the list of entitled beneficiaries or to search for missing heirs.
ADD Associés also supports other legal professionals through a tailored array of services.
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