ADD Associés’ charitable giving 

Sharing and solidarity are core values of the ADD Associés Group.
We believe this commitment to society and being civic-minded are absolutely essential.
This is why we have been providing long-term financial support to two associations committed to helping children.

The Petits Princes Association

Mécénat Addés Associés, Petits Princes association

“Just because it’s impossible to accomplish everything in a day doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do anything at all.” Abbé Pierre 

The Petits Princes Association makes dreams come true for gravely ill children and teenagers. It gives the child an extra morale boost to fight the disease ailing them. 

Since 1987, 9,000 dreams have come true, and every day another child’s wish gets fulfilled. 

Since 2003, The Petits Princes Association has joined us at our booth at the Congrès des Notaires. Every visit to our booth brings in euros, which are donated in full to the association. The congress is also an opportunity for notaries to get better acquainted with the association. 

For the past 3 years, ADD employees have been sporting the colors of the Petits Princes Association in the Course des Héros (a 7 km / 4.35 mi. run). 

ASEDEME Association

Asedeme patronage add associates

Since 2003, ADD has also supported ASEDEME (Association Sénégalaise pour la protection des Enfants Déficients Mentaux), which works to highlight the problems of intellectual disability in Senegal. Christophe Aubrun, one of ADD’s founders, has been the ASEDEME’s General Secretary since 2010, and has been devoting his time and energy to growing this association. 

Crédit photo : Audyssey Prod and Alun Be 

The ASEDEME has been an NGO since 2009 and has been recognized as a service in the public interest since 2017. It promotes the care of children through the creation of medical-educational facilities known as Centres Aminata Mbaye (Dakar 2003, Saint-Louis 2008), which aim to rehabilitate, educate, and socialize children with intellectual disabilities. 200 children and young adults are cared for each year.  

The ASEDEME’s mission is to bring these children with special educational needs out of the shadows, provide them with a suitable environment and encourage their socialization by teaching them job skills. 

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