Working at ADD Associés

At ADD Associés, each employee embodies four key values every day: 

Working at ADD Associés means recognizing these values as the essence and driving force of our daily commitments and working to bring them to life collectively. 

We implement these values through a variety of cross-functional projects, which transcend individual business lines and permeate the Group’s daily life, in the service of its ambition. If you work for ADD Associés, you become an ambassador for the values we all share. Can you imagine yourself with this type of mindset? Check out our job offers in France for genealogists and other genealogy professions related to estates.  

The convictions that drive us 

Gender equality, a core value of our business  

Being a probate genealogist at ADD Associés means joining a team that values each of its members for what they bring to the table, not for their appearances. Whether male or female, junior or senior employees, everyone finds his or her place and rhythm, and are supported with care and attention. 

At ADD Associés, pay is neither pink for women nor blue for men. It has only one common denominator: performance and commitment to our clients. We scored 99 out of 100 in the first publication of the Professional Equality Index. 

You build your career path at ADD Associés with the support of managers and an HR team dedicated to your training and professional development prospects. Whatever your profession–probate genealogist, researcher, jurist, support–we look forward to working with you and providing you with a fulfilling and rewarding professional collaboration. 

Developing your work-life balance 

At ADD Associés, we are decidedly digitally focused, and we value our employees’ autonomy and sense of responsibility.  

We have a remote work charter, and all staff have access to remote work tools; we also support services that allow us to respond to requests for flexibility in the scheduling of working hours. If you’re looking for flexibility at work, we take these needs into account.  

We are collectively vigilant to ensure that these tools provide effective support for operational excellence, while ensuring the right to disconnect and promoting work-life balance. 

Committed to diversity 

Our teams are our greatest resource, and the diversity of the applicants we recruit is not limited to those with airtight resumes. At ADD Associés, we are proud to be able to on-board disabled staff, as we have done so for many years.  

Since its early days, ADD Associés has also been distinguished by the diversity of its staffing, particularly in the International Research department.  

Regardless of origins or particularities, we value everyone’s contribution to this collective undertaking and to the excellence of our daily work.  

Your growth counts 

There are several degree training courses available in France to become a probate genealogist. At ADD Associés, we’re looking for motivated, dynamic people who are hungry to learn. If you believe the previous sentence aptly describes you and ADD Associés hires you, we’ll get you trained in your new profession so that we can write the next chapter of this story together.  

In addition to this initial training, we offer regular sessions, both in-house and with external speakers, to ensure that your skills are in line with the expectations of our clients and advisers, along with those of your team members. 

At ADD Associés, we are also happy to bring in trainees throughout the year who wish to discover the various facets of the probate genealogy profession (Research and Settlement). Find out about our internship and permanent employment opportunities.