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When should you call upon a probate genealogist?

ADD Associés is the gold standard in the highly specialized field of probate genealogy because of the expertise of its staff (jurists, historians, lineage experts), rigorous methodologies and innovative digital tools

- We are the partner of choice for notaries, who commission us to verify the list of entitled beneficiaries or to search for missing heirs, and we also work with a number of leading professionals to quickly locate them.
- If you are a private individual, we can also help you check your inheritance rights and represent you at estate settlement.

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  • Heir tracing

    Heir tracing can prove necessary for settling complicated estates. Notaries then call upon our skill ...

  • Representation of heirs 

    Why should you be represented by a probate genealogist at the notary’s office when settling an est ...

  • Vacant and ownerless properties 

    Rundown buildings lead to lower property values, maintenance costs, unpaid charges, health or safety ...

  • Verification of the list of entitled beneficiaries 

    The list of the entitled beneficiaries determines, in accordance with the orders of successors defin ...

  • Checking for missing legal heirs with a reserved share. 

    Some heirs cannot be excluded from the estate, regardless of the wishes expressed in the deceased’ ...

  • Inactive bank accounts and escheated life insurance policies 

  • Provenance research for looted works of art 

    The Provenance Research department, headed by Eléonore Delabre, specializes in researching and retu ...