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The search for an heir is much more than a question of assets. It's also a question of rights, fairness, taking into account the human element and understanding the changing face of society.

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ADD Associés and probate genealogy, a story of expertise and passion

Founded in 1990 with the aim of revitalizing the probate genealogy market through strong investment in people, international expansion, legal expertise and new technologies, the ADD Group is today a trusted partner and a global benchmark.

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Our expertise in probate genealogy, combined with our international scope, enables us to provide efficient, rapid and personalized responses to the various probate issues faced by legal professionals and private individuals.

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  • Heir search

    Searching for heirs can be a necessary task in complex inheritances. In such cases, notaries call on ...

  • Representation of an heir

    Why be represented by an estate genealogist when settling an estate? If you are a future heir and ha ...

  • Unclaimed properties

    Deterioration of buildings leading to a loss of land value, maintenance costs, unpaid charges, healt ...

  • Checking the devolution
    of an estate

    The devolution of inheritance sets out the list of heirs in accordance with the orders of succession ...

  • Checking heirs
    with reserved rights

    Certain heirs cannot be excluded from the inheritance, whatever the wishes of the deceased expressed ...

  • Unclaimed bank accounts
    and life insurance
  • Provenance research for looted works of art

    The Provenance Research department, headed by Eléonore Delabre, specializes in the search for works ...

You are an heir

Finding you, asserting your rights and representing you

Our mission as probate genealogists consists of finding heirs: identifying them, locating them, contacting them in order to reveal the origin of their inheritance rights, and then representing them when the estate is settled.

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Our teams are on hand to answer all your questions.

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We place quality and responsiveness at the heart of the relationship we build with the professionals who commission us.
That's why we invest heavily in people, technology and the international arena, so that we can support you effectively in the performance of your mission, with complete confidence and legal certainty.

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