An international partner

Since its inception in 1990, ADD Associés international research has been a cornerstone of its development strategy.

More than 30 years on, with 170 employees, 33 offices worldwide and a massive investment in new technologies, we have created and developed: 

  • In addition to a network of international contacts, our integrated international 15-person team who speak 15 languages (German, English, Spanish, Galician, French, Italian, Greek, Moldavian, Portuguese, Persian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, and Serbo-Croatian) can travel anywhere in the world to track down heirs in person. 
  • 6 international offices: Poland / Vietnam / Spain / Morocco / Germany with our subsidiary ADD Holstein headed by Jan-Mathis Holstein  
  • Our proprietary ADD DATA database to optimize our research and supplement genealogy websites. It already contains over 500 million indexed data records and is growing daily 
  • We’ve moved on from paper genealogical charts to a genealogy software program (TGD), that allows us to build our genealogical charts remotely (including offline), to work collaboratively in teams, and to share our heir tracing results in real-time. 

Our experience is recognized by many foreign clients (attorneys, administrators, specialists in escheated property or accounts, etc.) as well as by our foreign colleagues on every continent, who subcontract their searches to our teams. We are currently considered the international gold standard in heir tracing

Professional and ethical genealogists you can trust 

Our ethical commitments via the professional federations to which we belong such as Généalogistes de France and the IAPPR require us to: 

  • Receive client funds in a third-party account at the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, guaranteeing the security of client funds and their separation from our Group’s operating accounts 
  • Take out professional liability insurance (MMA IARD No.127120688) 
  • Take out a financial insurance cover (with AMLIN INSURANCE SE No 2018PFC002) 
  • Be audited annually by KPMG to ensure that heir funds are properly accounted for.

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  • A single e-mail address: 
  • A single contact person for all your needs 
  • A dedicated, responsive, culturally sensitive team at your service. 
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