Our commitments and fees

Our commitment to efficiency and quality

We are committed to deploying the best human and technological resources to bring you greater responsiveness in genealogical research, a high quality of relationship and the shortest possible lead times.

Expertise and rigor

  • More than 160 enthusiasts
  • Expert, complementary profiles: probate genealogists, legal researchers, historians, parentage experts and experts in international archives
  • Legal and inheritance tax skills.

Proximity and speed

  • 27 offices in France and 6 abroad
  • A single, dedicated contact to support you from A to Z
  • Thanks to our integrated international research team made up of multilingual experts, we are able to carry out genealogical research and find and meet heirs quickly on 5 continents.

Operational excellence and technological innovation

  • ADD Data: exclusive genealogical database with over 500 million digitized and indexed records
  • Dematerialized genealogical chart (TGD)
  • Electronic signature of documents
  • ISO 9001-certified methods since 2008

Our fees

ADD Associés’ probate genealogist fees are calculated in two different ways, depending on the services offered. They are specified in advance, guaranteeing clarity and transparency.

Proportional fees

Proportional fees are calculated on the basis of a percentage of the heir’s share. These fees are fixed by the disclosure contract or the contract in proof of rights signed by the heir. Since 1866, case law has validated the disclosure contract submitted by the probate genealogist to the heirs. The proportional fee varies according to the degree of kinship.

Proportional fees apply when :

  • The research undertaken led to the disclosure of his rights to an heir or beneficiary of rights,
  • The investigations carried out made it possible to justify the inheritance rights of an heir or beneficiary.

Flat-rate fees

The term “flat-rate fee” is used when the remuneration for the services provided by the genealogist is fixed on a flat-rate basis according to the difficulty and importance of the investigations undertaken. The value of the estate assets is also taken into account.

Flat-rate fees apply when the genealogical research undertaken has made it possible to confirm and validate an inheritance devolution for the benefit of known heirs.

Ethics, guarantees and certification: at the heart of our DNA

Because succession and inheritance issues are both complex and sensitive, ADD Associés places trust and ethics at the heart of its approach.

  • We play an active role in the bodies that regulate our profession, which is itself governed by a code of ethics and a code of conduct.
  • We provide high levels of guarantees that exceed the required standards.
  • We have our working methods validated by certifying bodies.

Estate genealogy, a regulated profession

Our probate genealogy business is governed by article 36 of law no. 2006-728 of June 23, 2006 – the law reforming inheritance and gifts.

“Hormis le cas des successions soumises au régime de la vacance ou de la déshérence, nul ne peut se livrer ou prêter son concours à la recherche d’héritier dans une succession ouverte ou dont un actif a été omis lors du règlement de la succession s’il n’est porteur d’un mandat donné à cette fin. Le mandat peut être donné par toute personne qui a un intérêt direct et légitime à l’identification des héritiers ou au règlement de la succession.” 

The partners and associates of ADD Associés hold a professional card and benefit from specific authorizations issued by the Service Interministériel des Archives de France and the Procureur de la République of the Tribunal Judiciaire de Paris. These authorizations allow us to consult and obtain a copy of the civil status of people under 75 years of age.

Strong guarantees for our partners and customers

When a genealogist intervenes to certify the devolution of an estate, he or she assumes legal and financial responsibility by providing the liquidating notary with a certified table attesting to the devolution of the estate, or an attestation setting out our conclusions. Members of the Chambre syndicale des Généalogistes de France take out professional liability insurance.

ADD Associés has supplemented these systems with additional guarantees that provide essential protection for each of you, whether professional or heir.

  • Professional Liability Insurance (MMA IARD N°127120688)
  • Financial guarantee (with AMLIN INSURANCE SE N°2018PFC002)
  • Secure third-party account with Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations
  • Annual independent audit by KPMG
  • Iso 9001 certification since December 17, 2008.

Ethics at the heart of our business

ADD Associés makes a major contribution to making probate genealogy a profession that offers every guarantee to those who call on our services.

Since its creation, ADD Associés has made a major contribution to the regulation and supervision of the profession, notably under the leadership of Antoine Djikpa, partner and today the group’s managing director. He was also elected Honorary President of Généalogistes de France. Antoine Delabre is currently Vice-Chairman.

Given the international stakes of the profession, ADD Associés was also one of the founding members of the international association IAPPR (The International Association of Professional Probate Researchers, Genealogists & Heir Hunters).


In accordance with article R 612.1 of the French Consumer Code, all consumers have the right to have recourse, free of charge, to a consumer mediator with a view to the amicable resolution of a dispute between them and a professional.

The professional genealogy sector has set up a consumer ombudsman to promote the amicable resolution of contractual disputes concerning the performance of a contract or the supply of services. As such, the Union des généalogistes de France has appointed Mr Gérard GAUCHER as sector mediator for genealogists in France since July 12, 2016.

The ombudsman has his own website containing all the information needed by consumers wishing to contact him, and by professional genealogists taking part in mediation processes.


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